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Facemed with its special non oily gel base helps to rejuvenate face, Dark spots & fights the signs of ageing & fine lines, keeping your skin the way it should be. Regular use of facemed gel gives you perfect radiant skin all year long.

It is available in 10gm pack.

Vitamin C
Sodium Hyaluronate
Salicylic Acid

For dark spots, rejuvenate face, to fights against the signs of aging and fine lines.

Clean the area of the skin where you want to apply Epishine then apply it evenly all over the face. Keep it all night and after gently wash your face with mild face wash like Glomed.Avoid sunlight when you have applied the Epishine and use sunscreen with high SPF like Uvmed if you are in sunlight. 

1) What is the price of Facemed?

- 250 Rs is the price of Facemed.

2) What are the ingredients of Facemed? In what %?

- Vitamin C-5%, Niacinamide-6%, Sodium Hyaluronate-1%, Salicylic Acid-0.5%

3) Can I use Facemed in winter? Is it safe?

- Yes, you can use Facemed in winter. It is totally safe.

 4) Can Facemed be used in sunlight?

-  You should avoid sunlight after applying Facemed.

5) How long should I use Facemed gel?

- Until you get desired result.

6) Is Facemed gel is safe for regular usage?

- Yes, Facemed gel is safe for regular usage. 

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