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The First Hair Thickening Fibers Suggested by Most of the Hair specialist and Hair Transplant doctors all over the world. A new revolutionary concept to cure baldness instantly! InstaHair Hair Thickening Fibers is a cosmetic breakthrough that immediately builds your hair with natural keratin fibers. It merges with your own hair to add natural volume and will appear thicker hair instantly. It is so scientifically advanced that it is unlike anything you've ever seen before.

The simple solution for your thinning hair tissues. Say goodbye to messy creams and old-fashioned sprays which simply color the scalp. It takes seconds to use, is safe, easy, and incredibly effective. - 100% Natural Keratin Hair Thickening Fibers. - 100% Vegetarian, eco-friendly & biodegradable. - Well suitable for both Men & Women. - Easy to use. - See the result in just 30 seconds. - Harmless to skin & hair. - Suggested by most of the Hair specialist and Hair transplant doctors - Can be used with other hair care products. - Can be easily removed by a shampoo wash. Available in two different shades: Black & Dark Brown

In INSTAHAIR THICKENING FIBER, we are using specialized micro-fiber technology, it thickens hair and makes it fuller, to produce outstanding results not seen with any other product. INSTAHAIR THICKENING FIBER is made of all natural organic keratin protein, the same protein that hair is made of. The fibers are charged with static electricity so they merge with your own hair to bond securely and add natural volume on thinning area which will appear thicker hair instantly. The material in the INSTAHAIR dispensing system has been chosen based on their electrostatic donating potential. Just shake on the INSTAHAIR THICKENING FIBER. They stay in place all day, all night These hair fibers can be easily removed from the hair by shampoo washing and cannot be removed by blowing fan, light rain and exercise.

Available in 12gm pack.

Cetrimonium chloride silica
DMDM hydantoin
Iron Oxides
Eco-friendly and biodegradables 

Used for baldness.

1.For the best results, wash and dry hair completely. Style your hair.
2. Don’t apply gel, oil or anything before the application.
3. Now shake the INSTAHAIR THICKENING FIBER container well by tapping the bottom before each use to active individual fibers, sprinkle the INSTAHAIR THICKENING FIBER over thinning area till no further scalp is visible.  
4. Lightly pat down hair to set fiber in place. Avoid hard combing and style your hair as per your choice again.
5. After application, if any thinning areas are still visible, sprinkle more hair thickening fibers until desired coverage is obtained.

For best results use INSTAHAIR HAIR FIBER HOLD SPRY after sprinkling the hair thickening fibers 

1) How exactly InstaHair works?

- In INSTAHAIR THICKENING FIBER, we are using specialized micro-fiber technology, it thickens hair and makes it fuller, to produce outstanding results.  

2) Who needs InstaHair?

- People who want to conceal baldness instantly need InstaHair thinking fiber.

3) Can any other product is advisable for baldness?

- Yes, to get permentant solution from baldness you can use Foligain lotion.

4) What are the reasons of hair loss?

- Stress, sickness, treatment like chemotherapy, extreme level of dandruff, family history etc. are the reason for the baldness.

5) How long should I need to wait for result?

- Within 30 seconds you can get result after using InstaHair hair thinking fiber.

6) Who can use InstaHair fiber? Men or women?

- Both men and women can use InstaHair fiber.

7) How can I buy Instahair fiber online?

- You can directly buy InstaHair online from .

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