Ospis – Anti Bacterial Soap

Ospis Soap

Ospis – Anti Bacterial Soap

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Ospis Soap – premium quality skin care soap is better for your face

Product Description

Anti bacterial cleanser soap. It optimizes lathering effect. It contains Gluconate which is an anti bacterial, trusted by most of the dermatologist. Silicone fluid in Ospis premium soap is a foam stabilizer and conditioner, which makes your skin soft and supple Aloevera contained by Ospis is a natural non sticky moisturizer hydrates your skin to keep it healthy all the times.


Chlorehexidine Gluconate, Aloevera, Silicon oil


For regular cleansing and pathogens disease producing bacteria.


Apply it in gentle manner over the body.


1) Is Ospis available in liquid form?

– No, it is only available in solid soap form.

2) How can I buy Ospis online?

– You can buy Ospis online from http://www.ethicare.in/ .

3)Can I use moisturizer after using Ospis?

– Yes, moisturizer can be used after using Ospis.

4) Should I use any other product with Ospis?

– Yes, Ospis is compatible with other products.

5)Do you ship the product outside the India?

– Yes, we ship the product out of India.


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