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Kozilite non oily skin lightening lotion, with its special actives helps to reduce blemishes and lightens and brightens skin tones. Kozilite lotion has got multiple actives which work at multiple levels to give you the glow that matters. Kozilite lotion has got balance safety and efficacy with help of its botanical extracts and special skin lightening actives. Kozilite lotion has also got skin vitamins and UV filters for nourishment and protection. Kozilite lotion can be used all over body including face. Regular use of kozilite lotion will help to achieve the skin complexion most people desire only!!

Kozilite lotion is available in 50gm pack & 100gm of bigger economical pack.

Kogic acid dipalmitate,
turmericExt. (tetrahydro curcumin)
liquorice Ext.
Vitamin C
Glycolic acid
Lactic acid
Bearberry Ext.
Mulberry Ext.
Wheat germ oil
Toco pheryl acetate
Titanium dioxide.

It has been used for generalize pigmentation, melasma.  It is used for the treatment of blemishes. 

Wash and dry skin apply an even layer over the affected area twice daily. Massage thoroughly until lotion is absorbed completely into the skin. Apply once in the evening and once at night for best results. Long term treatments with any product should be monitored by a medical professional.

1) Why Kozilite is better than other skin lightening cream?

- Skin whitening agent in Kozilite makes it better than any other skin lightening cream.

2) For which type of skin one should use Kozilite?

- It is preferable for oily skin.

3) Can Kozilite be applied on the body with face?

- Yes, Kozilite can be applied on the body with face.

4) Can I use Kozilite daily?

- Yes, regular use of Kozilite will help to achieve the skin complexion most people desire only.

 5) Is there any side effect or after effect of this lotion?

- No, there is no side or after effect of this product.

6) How Kozilite is different than Kozilite-H?

- Koizilite–H is a cream whereas Kozilite is a lotion. So, Kozilite is easy to spread.  Koizilite-H is used for all kind of skin, whereas Kozilite is preferable for oily skin.

Kozilite-H contains Kojic acid and Hydroquinone as a skin lightening agents.  

7) What is pigmentation?

- It is a skin condition where patches of the skin turn into a darker shade of color due to excessive presence of melanin, found on skin surface.

8) Is Kozilite safe for long term use?

- Yes, Kozilite is safe for long term use.

9) How long does it take to see results?

- It depends on your skin type, how regularly you follow skin care routines. 

10) Can I wear makeup after applying Kozilite?

- Yes, you can wear makeup after applying Kozilite.

11)  Who can use Kozilite? Men or women?

- Both men and women can use Kozilite.

12)  Can I use Kozilite with other product or cream?

 - Yes, Kozilite is compatible with other products so you can use it with other products.

13) How can I buy Kozilite online?

- You can buy Kozilite online from http://www.ethicare.in/ .

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