Dermatalk Quiz

Dermatalk Quiz


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1.What is the collective name for the new class of drugs which inhibit PD-1 or PD1 ligand and are off late used in many cutaneous and non-cutaneous indications?*
2. Which disease associated with auto mutilation behaviour is characterised by the deficiency of Hypoxanthine Guanine Phosphoribosyl transferase (HGPRT) enzyme?*
3. Which anti-psoriatic biological targets the IL-23 subunit alpha (p19 subunit) and was designed to block interleukin-23 but not IL-12 unlike ustekinumab and proved itself superior to adalimumumabin  Phase3 trials recently? *
4. The following three points, (i) strengthen government ownership and partnerships; (ii) stop leprosy and its complications; and (iii) stop discrimination and promote inclusion: These are the three pillars of which strategy?*
5. A fun question : Which condition was scored ‘sartorially’, but is now changed to AISI, has nomenclature related confusion, ‘hurlingly’ classified and uses HiSCR for research purposes?*


6. A very and characteristic dermatopathologysign  is seen here. Name the diagnosis of the characteristic histopathology change*
7.Christened as Eucrisa by Pfizer Inc, which topical phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor was recently marketed for atopic dermatitis for Patients 2 Years of Age and Older. Name the drug*
8.Intralesional chloroquine, topical paromomycin, rifampicin, itraconazole are some of the modalities used in therapy of this infective condition. What?*
9.What is this used for and has been gaining ground in popularity?*

10. Larva currens,aquagenicurticaria,cold erythema,piezogenic pedal papules, and pincer nails: We use these terms in every day practice. Who coined these terms?*

THE STRAIGHT FLUSH (3 points each)

11. Name this insect which causes the pathology depicted on the right?*

12. UlisseAldrovandi in 1592 created an illustration in Bolognia in a treatise called MonstrorumHistoria. He depicted a person of Indian origin. See pic below. It is one of the earlier descriptions of _______________?*

13. This is generally considered a reactive process and is not considered a neoplasm. It is usually associated with previous history of trauma. It is characterised by the sign seen in the histopathology picture attached below and ‘Collagen –trapping’. It can rarely go malignant. Name the entity. Name the histopathological sign depicted below (1/2 marks for each)*

14. This is a finding seen in one of the maladies induced by one among the human herpes viruses. Name the sign*

15. A student of ElieMetchinikoff and Emile Roux in the Pasteur Institute, he was the author of ‘Les teignes’ in which he described 50 variants of an entity which were seemingly innocuous, but have assumed menacing proportions in modern day dermatological practice. Name him & what entity are we talking about?*

THE ROYAL FLUSH (5 points each x 4)

16. X is produced mainly by non-hematopoietic cells such as fibroblasts, epithelial cells and different types of stromal or stromal-like cells. A dendritic and T cell activator, its position in a pathway has been blanked out (see pic below). Name this master cytokine.*

17. Identify this instrument made by family-run company located in Bavaria, Southern Germany.*

18. The geographical feature depicted below is an entity called ‘the purple mountain’ in Japan. Connect this to the scientific endeavours Prof. Schreiber, who demonstrated the existence of a binding protein called FKBP. I need a single word connect. What?

19. Connect the pictures.*

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