In a faraway land, amid equatorial climes

Lies a kingdom revered from ancient times

A favorite of invaders, it was home to many a race

After battles for independence, it gradually regained its grace

This nation reborn is a mix of modern and traditional mass

With the rich and the poor and a bustling middle class

In this land, there was a dermatologist renowned

In his clinic there were always many patients to be found

Dermatology was a fantastic branch to be in

After all, the largest organ is the human skin

As the nation advanced, infections had reduced

Dr Skin was overwhelmed with work, all aesthetics induced

One day, however he saw a curious case

Rashes all over, including the face

Clear at the centre, advancing at the rim

Polycyclic margins, looked like tinea to him

He examined the patient, checked him thoroughly

Prescribed medication and sent him off early

He thought it was done, but it was not to be

For the patient returned with his entire family

Slowly but surely the scourge spread through the land

An epidemic of scratches, itches and rashes

How did it happen, he pondered and wondered

Was it because it rained heavily, clouded and thundered

Wet clothes, obese bodies and sweaty skin

That blatant steroid abuse had rendered thin

Drugs would work but for a short while,

For the tinea would be back with a vicious smile

That smile soon changed to a wide-toothed grin

For tinea mercilessly ravaged the entire skin

Allylamines, azoles or griseofulvin orally

Powders soaps and creams topically

Wash your clothes well, wash separately

Stay cool and dry, he warned desperately

But all these efforts, none seemed to work

There was always a case where tinea lurked

A nation of doers, go-getters and achievers

Was getting reduced to itchers and scratchers

The media was flooded with ads galore

Use this cream and be fairer than before

The dark side of these remedies was itchy skin

It was a losing battle, tough to win

One day, the doctor received a frantic call

The king wished to see him, the palace had called

The lord of the land, the monarch himself

Had fallen prey to tinea and was beside himself

Aha thought the doctor, this is my chance

Maybe we can end this vicious fungal dance

He examined the case, very thoroughly indeed

Did the fungal scrapings, confirmed the breed

He suggested a very effective remedy

The hapless lord was beside himself with glee

Tell me dear doc, what can I do,

You have relieved my suffering so well too

Ban offending cream ads, said the righteous man

No steroid without prescription throughout the land

This is a terrible curse, we need to fight it

Small measures won’t do, we have to right it

The wise king listened, it was a tough choice

The welfare of the people against a commercial voice

But good sense prevailed ultimately

And the doc got what he had prayed for fervently

The dreaded disease was under control at last

Dermatology was back to aesthetics, really fast

This tale was fictional but it could be true

Someday this could happen to me and you

We need to tackle the tinea bull by its horns

Or there would be no pearls in skin, just fungal thorns