Monsoon – the season of happiness, the season of getting wet but with that it is also the season which brings many problems of hair like problem of hair fall, problem of dry scalp etc. So we are going to discuss some common problems.

Keep your hair dry. I know it is hard to make it possible all the time but to avoid the problem of excess of hair loss and to avoid the problem of dandruff try to avoid the rain. You can use jackets with hoodie or you can use umbrella if you don’t want to use jacket. 

1)  Combing

How you should comb your hair or which kind of comb you should use during monsoon is the important thing. 

Use wide tooth comb which is used for de-tangling. And yes, it is good to use as a conditioning comb to apply conditioner evenly on hair. Conditioner is needed in monsoon. We will discuss about conditioning here afterwards. One another thing is that don’t share your comb with anyone else because sharing of comb will infect your hair with dandruff. Dandruff is a fungal infection; it can be spread from one person to another. So regularly sharing of a comb will cause the problem of excess of dandruff.


2)  Oil massage

Who doesn’t like the oil massage??? It is the best way to make you relax. But it is the always a question that one should use oil during the rainy season or not. So let’s talk about that.

For extra smooth hair, massage your hair with the oil of your choice followed by hair wash. But remember one thing that excess of oil lead to use of excess shampoo and it will damage your hair. So use mild oil. It is the good idea to mix curry leaves with warm oil. And you can put on the plastic cap or hot towel after massage for deep conditioning. And yes one most important thing is that don’t put on oil for too long. One or two hours is enough before hair wash.

Oil massage
Oil massage

3)  Use of a shampoo

If your hair gets wet in the rain then wash it off with mild shampoo and then dry it. Shampoo your hair twice or thrice in a week. Don’t use the shampoo every day as it can cause the excess drying of hair. To avoid dandruff, use anti-dandruff shampoo. And there is an additional tip for you, add a table spoon of vinegar with a mug of water and use it at last rinse after shampooing.


4)  Use of conditioner

 High level of humidity in the air makes your hair frizzy. To get out of the problem of frizzy hair, you must use conditioner.

To keep your hair smooth and shiny you must need to use conditioner. Don’t apply too much conditioner on the scalp but use it with length and end of your hair. Conditioner provides shine to your hair and keeps them away from breakage. And use conditioner as per your hair type. Like, if you have dry hair, use the conditioner that will restock your hair with essential substitutes. If you are suffering from dry hair then give it massage of conditioner for 2 minutes. And then wash it with water.

You can use homemade conditioner for your hair. Use 2 table spoon of oil, juice of a lemon and a tea spoon of glycerin, keep this combination on your hair for half an hour then wash it off.


We have gone with applications of external products on the hair. Now we are going to discuss about diet. What one should take in daily diet???

  • Add sprout in your daily diet. As it is rich of fiber, vitamin E, potassium and iron, eat them on regular basis.
  • Protein is necessary for hair, so eat the food which is full of protein like eggs.
  • Fresh fruits and leafy vegetables, raw salad, yogurt is the thing which one should take in any season. They are most important for hair as well as skin also.
  • Now here is the point of water. Drink plenty of water that is good for hair as well as for skin in any season.
  • Who doesn’t like tasty junk food? But avoid junk food for your hair. Hair fall indicates deficiency of some key ingredients in your system, so make sure you have a balanced and holistic diet.

If dandruff has been increased in monsoon then use these tips:

  • Crush the fenugreek seeds and add it to hot water for whole night. In the morning filter this mixture and use it after washing your hair.
  • Take some neem leaves and add them to hot water for whole night. In the morning follow the same procedure as above tip.


Monsoon can bane on your hairstyle but to avoid the problem of hair fall you need to be natural with your hair because of high humidity, your hair can get more frizzy and limp and this leads to the problem of high level of hair fall. Obviously nothing can beat natural beauty so be natural with your hair and don’t tie it tightly with any style.

Feel the season. Enjoy the natural beauty of the season and protect your hair from evils like excess hair fall, dandruff etc. Have a nice time…