Skin is amazing! Did you know it is the largest organ of your body and the only one you can see! Your skin is made up essentially 3 layers.

Caring for dry skin in youth is minimal. A modern style, the shortages of shine, nearly invisible pores don’t cause the need to all over again “spoil” your face cosmetics. However despite the healthy skin on the face, it’s sensible to use moisturizing care product. This will facilitate avoid an early look of wrinkles, and additionally, and secure against peeling, get free of the feeling of tightness.

The reason that the skin becomes dry is insufficiently of secretion, i.e. a sufficient layer of protecting film doesn’t form that preserves wetness. However this doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to use an elegant cream. Day, as well as an evening cream has to dampen the skin well enough. Don’t use product containing alcohol, soap that will dry your skin.

It is better to decide for yourself some series for skin care in that season, when the air is so dry, for example, in the fall. Make sure to raise a sampler because dry skin is extremely sensitive; therefore you have make sure that there are no affected by reaction. However, this skin test is recommended to hold out the owners of all type of skin. The most demand when selecting facial skin care product is sun property. That is, the sun’s rays have the best impact on skin aging, so protection is very important in both summer and winter season.

It is optional using of several skin care products at the same time. Dry skin can’t stand heavy layer of chemical components. Morning care process for dry skin includes washing with warm water or cleansing with a cotton swab moistened by a tonic. Day cream is a high fat content and main purpose for that is to moisturize the skin and protect from the UV spotlight.