Knowing your skin kind is completely necessary that make a right decision about a skin care or treatment that is appropriate for your skin. The primary quality, or type, of your skin is genetically determined – which means that you simply born with it. If your skin belongs to a normal type, the issue won’t reveal any traces of oil. Your skin has to feel vibrant, and stretchable.

Normal skin appearance clean and smooth contains a good circulation and healthy skin tone. Even with a minimum care, it’ll look smart well into your advanced age. Normal skin, though being the smallest amount difficult type, still needs cleansing, nourishing, and moisturizing.

First in the morning, refresh your skin with water or alcohol-free tonic and moisturize it with a gentle, non-greasy cream, ideally made up of natural ingredients while not oil by-products.

Next is used a good quality make-up. Before go to bed, gently wash your face with a gentle soap, like Vizigly soap, and put on a bit of an oil-based nourishing cream, paying particular attention to the areas around your eyes.

After 15-20 minutes, gently touch your skin and dry with a napkin. Once in a week, use an Akmask, or any other natural and non-drying face mask to feed and rejuvenate your face skin.

Don’t forget to take care about your body, as well. Each day when showering, use a gentle moisturizing lotion to stay your body skin supple and healthy.